Our history

Experience gained over the years.

  • 1998

    October 1998, during the beginning of the new Malpensa airport opening, sees the birth of SEC as a young and dynamic reality in the transport solution field. In the same period and contest, also the new airport handler MLE starts its activities and with them, SEC starts its first services. These consisted in a system of shuttle trucks that allowed the regular and scheduled connection between Malpensa airport and the main mail warehouse of Poste Italiane, the national mail company. For the mail transportation service, SEC starts its first truck fleet: 1 Iveco 80.21, 1 Iveco 75.14 and an Iveco Daily van.

  • 2000

    Between 2000 and 2001 the mail volume increases and the various transportation needs connected to it allows SEC to increase its truck fleet. Two extra Iveco trucks (one 120 and one 150) begin their service. Both are also able to load, transport and offload aircraft pallets and ULDs, thanks also to the new generation of roller-beds that each truck has. With the continuous arrival of new airlines in Malpensa airport, MLE’s needs increase and our Company quickly adapts its service offer to the demand of its main customer. The transportation of normal cargo begins and the new routes connecting Malpensa airport to the other national air hubs start. Moreover, also the pick-up and cargo delivery service for the main freight forwarders in the Milano area begins.

  • 2003

    The years 2003/2004 show for SEC a steep increase of the request for road transportation services. Our Company, thanks to its experience and to a fruitful sales campaign, acquires new customers. As a direct consequence, two new trucks start their services: the new Iveco Stralis 400 and 480 models. These brand new machines can load up to three (3) 300cm high aircraft pallets.

  • 2005

    2005 shows new changes for SEC. New investments in the truck fleet see the arrival of the new Iveco Stralis 540, a truck able to load up to four (4) 300cm high aircraft pallets and with a complete roller-bed system. National routes to/from Malpensa airport are now a consolidated daily reality.

  • 2007

    Between 2007 and 2008, a part from the consolidated services for the airport handling companies, SEC starts its operation activities directly with some cargo airlines, among which NCA – Nippon Cargo Airlines, becomes one of its best customers. The truck fleet is constantly renewed and new Iveco Stralis 450 begin their job. All these are also equipped with brand new digital speed recording systems, as per the highest standard requirements of the Italian Ministry of Transportation. Moreover, the whole truck fleet is given a GPS satellite system, thanks to which all the trucks are monitored 24h a day, both by security systems and by SEC’s specialized personnel.

  • 2009

    The cooperation with ALHA Airport, the other handling company operating in Malpensa airport, is strengthen and our fleet daily departs with the cargo of the airlines handled by this important company. One extra Iveco Stralis 360 truck joins the fleet.

  • 2010

    SEC moves and opens its new Vizzola Ticino offices, located in the MXP Business Park facilities, right in front of Malpensa airport’s Terminal 1 Building. Effective January 20th 2010 the brand new website – specialexpresscargo.com – is opened.

  • 2014

    Punctuality of services, quality and safety are the characteristics that allow us to increase volumes and the number of customers. All our drivers achieve the security certificate for Category A14, according to the program complies with the ENAC Manual Training Security. With a new Iveco Stralis 480 and a Talson Trailer, the fleet is now composed by 10 trucks.

  • 2016

    A new Stralis tractor and a new semitrailer Talson joins the fleet, both with the level of security in the Vanini scale of 4. They begin regular transport services with cargo operators First Klass Service, Ventana Serra Air and Ocean Cargo. In order to further enhance the quality and safety of the service, for our trucks we acquired permanent and numbered parking lots at Malpensa Cargo City. We renewed the company logo with a more modern design to keep pace with the times and stressed the tricolor, confirming the Italian quality.